Welcome to LFC

LFC is a general C++ class library/framework, trying to provide OO abstractions for:

  • common data structures (STL extensions)
  • common algorithms (STL extensions)
  • OS services (files, inet sockets, threads, ...)
  • GUI support
  • database access
  • common programming patterns (MVC, ...)
  • callbacks/signals, RTTI, persistence
  • data streams/filters
  • multimedia (including games development support, 3d graphics)
  • net protocols: http,ftp, ...
  • regular expressions / parsing

LFC is developed under LGPL, guided by the fallowing principles/goals:

  • simple to use/extend
  • fully documented
  • cross platform (Win32, Linux, FreeBSD, ...)
  • fully use standard C++: classes, templates, exceptions, ...

For a list of some ideas for future development read notes/ideas from source tree. You are welcome to add your suggestions for features on the feature request page.

Current features:
  • compiles/work under: Win9x, WinNT, Win2K, Linux, FreeBSD
  • available modules:
    • callbacks/signals
    • RTTI extensions
    • polymorphic persistence
    • ref-counted smart pointers
    • streams: console, file, mem, sockets / text format, bin format
    • threads: threads, mutex, semaphore, guards, ...
    • date/time
    • serial communications support

Please report bugs, and contact us if you have suggestions/ideas! LFC is under LGPL and if you want to contribute you are welcome!

Thank you,
LFC development team.